Nothing builds belief like attending an Isagenix Event. Our events educate, motivate and inspire you and your team, create lifelong memories and set you on the path to health and business success. Attending Isagenix events stimulate your personal and professional growth. The beauty of Isagenix events is their diversity; after each event you attend, you come away with a new and improved understanding of Isagenix, our no-compromise products, business tools, how to grow personally and other necessities required to achieve the success you desire. By helping to establish and refine your skills, each event will support you on your Isagenix journey.

Isagenix Core Events

Our most influential events help you build the foundation of a successful business. Each event is designed to give you the training you need to grow your business, build belief in the industry, become a leader in the field and build belief in yourself. These are the events to attend every year to stay motivated and in-the-know on new industry tools, methods and products.

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IsaU is a two-day conference where you’ll learn all about Isagenix no-compromise products from long-term product users and learn how to develop your Isagenix business from Top Leaders. You’ll have the opportunity to try new products and will leave inspired to take your health and wealth to the next level.

What is an IsaU?
An opportunity to break ground with an unparalleled understanding of your Isagenix business, your goals, ambitions and the obstacles you’ll need to overcome to achieve them. The two-day conference will realign your future with Isagenix to be a prosperous one. You’ll be exposed to the personal and professional successes of Isagenix Top Leaders and Isagenix Millionaires and learn about the key strategies that will aid you and the growth of your business.

Why should you attend?
Isagenix Top Leaders and Corporate Trainers will encourage, inspire and motivate you. This is a pivotal opportunity to learn how to earn residual income and take your belief and business to the next level.

Who is it best for?
IsaU is a fundamental event for all of our field members, however it is directed largely towards new and potential Associates and those seeking a holistic understanding of Isagenix products and growing a business around them. Tailored for those with interest in joining Isagenix, IsaU events kick off with an Opportunity Meeting to provide interested individuals with a more complete and comprehensive understanding of what the Isagenix entails.

What will you gain?
Attending an IsaU will strengthen your business by constructively aligning compliant methods of practice with the basic principles of business in Network Marketing. This will not only help you kick-start your business but it will most effectively outline the measures to achieve personal and professional success.

“IsaU Auckland was an incredible event that educated and empowered everyone. What I loved most about the weekend was the high energy and the amount of ‘a-ha’ moments that I witnessed people having. Events build belief but they are also the fastest way to share how to get started sharing these incredible products we have available to us all. This event sent 350 people away with unshakeable belief in the products and themselves. Nothing beats this and the momentum since then is proof that events change lives. I have never missed an event and never will!” Sandra Castle, Isagenix Customer since 2014

If you’re ready to delve deep into the mindset required for Isagenix business success, University in Action is for you. The intimate, in-depth personal development training is delivered by inspirational Strategic Consultant David T.S. Wood. This event will teach you the building blocks needed to form a solid and successful business.

What is a UIA? 
University In Action, commonly known as UIA, concentrates on getting to understand yourself by experiencing three days of intimate personal development with Isagenix Strategic Training Consultant David T.S. Wood and Isagenix Top Leaders. This event will teach you the building blocks needed to form a solid and successful business and advance your knowledge of the Network Marketing industry. It’s also an opportunity to immerse yourself in a diversifying trial of self growth and development.

Why should you attend? 
The practical and interactive training focuses on building your understanding and growth. The talented David T.S. Wood provides world-class training that will reignite your self-belief, realign your objectives and redefine your individuality.

Who is it best for?
UIA is the next phase for seasoned Associates prepared to break through in their business ventures and recommended to Associates who are fast advancing to Manager and above.

What will you gain? 
As UIA is so interactive, it provides a great opportunity to initiate friendships and connections with other Associates. On a more personal level, the practical training pushes individuals to action what they have learned over their time with Isagenix.

“UIA is an absolute must for learning how to show up authentically in life, share with ease and become the leader you want to attract in your team. The real test is organisation and leadership. Find out what a great leader means to you and then become that for your team!” Mara Pomana, Isagenix Customer since 2013

Celebration is the biggest and best event on the Isagenix calendar and it’s no surprise that tickets sell out! Celebrate, learn and experience Isagenix at our annual flagship event. Celebration is an epic, can’t-miss four-day experience for you and your team. With unprecedented opportunities to network and engage with other Associates, you’ll get the latest and greatest that Isagenix has to offer from new products, tools and merchandise that will reinvent your business. Celebration is a not-to-be-missed event filled with an exceptional agenda, phenomenal speakers, spectacular parties and opportunities for your personal and professional growth. You’ll leave with the ultimate knowledge of the company, create life-long memories and set yourself on the path to both health and business success.

“We’ve been to events with many direct selling companies both as corporate team members and as field representatives. Isagenix Celebration surpasses them all with its pure inspiration, information and professionalism. Make two decisions: come to this event and action what you learn and you will move your business to the next level.” Heather and Neil Rickard, Isagenix Customers since 2010

Why attend an Isagenix Core Event?

If you ask any Isagenix leader, they’ll tell you the best way to build your Isagenix business is by attending corporate events. Here are just a few key reason why Isagenix events are so important…

Business development
Training with some of the world’s renowned top leaders in Isagenix business – prepare to engage in the best business building skills available as speakers take to the stage and share their incredible business knowledge.

Expand product knowledge
Expand your knowledge on the use of current products and gain a tremendous understanding of how and why our no-compromise Isagenix programs provide the best possible results. Got a question about Cleansing or a particular product ingredient? You’ll get all the answers at an Isagenix core event.

Connect with like-minded individuals
Attending a core events is the best way to build a network of connections with other business building enthusiasts. There’s always potential to grow from meeting new people!

Engage in personal development
Each event hosted by Isagenix ANZ creates a fun, energetic environment, that will open your mind and have you leaving with confidence, belief and motivation to succeed.

Be recognised for your success
We are passionate about recognising people for their mind blowing achievements. From weight loss accomplishments to business building success, whatever you’re proud of, we’re proud of too. Who knows, you could be hitting the stage next to tell us about your incredible Isagenix journey.

Have fun
We ensure that each and every event is jam-packed with fun and laughter as well as learning. Whether it’s the incredible energy of our smaller events or our amazing parties at SKO or Celebration, you’ll leave wishing it didn’t have to end!

Isagenix Incentive Events

You have to earn your way to these exclusive, invite-only events. Winning an invite requires a lot of hard work but we promise you a lavish, unique experience no matter which event you qualify for! Work hard, play harder.


Earn points for enrollments. You and your team will have the chance to win the prize holiday of a lifetime! Compete for your chance to win by registering your team. Select a team leader and five team members and the race is on!


The best of the best. This is one of the most elite business training events of the year. Our top performers learn about new products, experience exclusive training and have the chance to network at this event.